• Clinic Program at Surfana Festival: At Surfana Festival we offer a wide range of workshops and activities for everyone to play, explore, grow and learn. You can check out our full clinic programme here!


  • Are the clinics included in the tickets? We offer a number of free clinics on a walk-in basis, so no need to register. However most workshops require a fee, these can be booked in advance through the booking website to secure your spot.


  • How can I book the clinics? You can easily book clinics online through our website. As workshops tend to be in high demand, we strongly recommend reserving your preferred workshops in advance to secure your spot. For any remaining workshop spots, you can visit the info point on the festival ground, where bookings will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. *Please note that clinics can be booked online until Thursday, September 7th, at 12:00.


  • Breakfast concert:We are happy to announce that we will have breakfast concerts again – You can book it here!


  • How can I find the Location of my booked clinic? You will recieve an email one day before your clinic starts. In that email you will find the exact time and location of your booked clinic. You can check out the site map on site to find out where the location is and how to get there. If you have trouble finding the clinics you can stop by at one of our info points for assistance.


  • Can I rent a surfboard? You can rent Surfboards at Mifune – we rent them out on a first come, first serve basis.


  • What do I need to bring for a clinic? Rest assured that all the materials required for the clinics will be provided. Nevertheless, if you tend to feel the cold easily, we highly recommend dressing appropriately and bringing an extra blanket, especially for the relaxing clinics. Your comfort and enjoyment during the event are our top priority, and we want to ensure you have a pleasant experience throughout.


  • Can I borrow / rent / buy yoga mats for the clinics at the festival? Definitely. There will be fantastic new yoga matts to rent, the price of these is already included in your yoga clinic fee. If you’d like to have your own practice during the festival, we highly recommend bringing your own mat or a towel.


  • Can I cancel a clinic? After you booked your time and date it’s possible to reschedule or cancel your clinic up to one day before the scheduled time slot. Any cancellations made after that time won’t be processed and you won’t be eligible for a refund.


  • Can I reschedule a clinic? You can reschedule a clinic up until 1 day before the clinic starts. You can simply log into your viking account via the link in your booking confirmation and reschedule your clinic.


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