Travelling to Surfana Festival

  • General: We strongly recommend using public transport to get to Surfana Festival as parking spaces are expensive. Additionally, travelling by public transport is easy and eco-friendly.


  • How to arrive via public transport: Take the train to either Haarlem CS or Zandvoort aan Zee and then catch the bus 81 for a short ride to the bus stop called “De Lakens”.


  • International travel via public transport: To facilitate international travel routes via train to the festival we are collaborating with choo-choo train. Find the easiest route to travel to Surfana Festival throughout international borders.


  • How to arrive via Bike: Zeeweg, the national route to the campsite is a beautiful bike ride to the campsite. Grab your own bike or rent a OV bike to & ejoy the ride. You can park your bike at the campsite.



  • How to arrive via car: Get dropped off by friends or Family – ‘Kiss & Ride’ at the campsite reception or carpool with friends, rent a Bla Bla, take an Uber, car or look into other car sharing options. Read more about car sharing options here.


  • Parking at Surfana Festival: There are no dedicated parking spots on the campsite – read more about parking options outside the terrain here.


  • Returning home from the festival: Take bus 81 back to your preferred station. Please note that there are no night buses. The last bus towards Haarlem departs on weekdays at 00:00 and at 00:30 on weekends. If you miss the bus, you can take an Uber or taxi. To make things even more convenient, use the OV9292 app.


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