Code of Conduct

Safety and Rules of Conduct:

We want to create a safe space where everyone can enjoy themselves, feel included and accepted.

Our festival crew are there for you should you need support or are feeling unsafe.

Ticket sales close on Thursday at 13h00 – Day tickets will be available throughout.

Be cool, respect those around you, live the good life.

Own consumption of (food and drinks) are not allowed on the festival site.

If someone isn’t feeling safe or well, bring them to the EHBO point Surfana is a cashless festival – Pin only!

Surfana is a family friendly festival, keep this in mind.

You may not bring cooler boxes & chairs onto the festival terrain.

We are serious about our sustainability, keep the festival clean and clear out your campsite.

There are trash and ashtrays on site, please use them and don’t throw your trash and cigarettes on the floor.

Pets are not allowed.

Possession and trade in soft-hard drugs is prohibited. If necessary, the police will be alerted. You can voluntarily give up your soft and/or hard drugs in the designated dispenser at the entrance.

Alcohol is not served under 18. In case of doubt, proof of identity will be requested.

Children under the age of 13 may only enter the festival site accompanied by an adult.

Entering the festival site is entirely at your own risk.

The organisation and the festival location cannot be held liable for any injury, material and immaterial damage to visitors and property.

The organisation cannot be held liable for loss, damage or theft of property.

Instructions from the organisation or safeguards must always be followed on pain of removal.

The organisation always reserves the right to deny anyone access to the festival site or to remove someone.

It is prohibited to take (alcoholic) drinks and food in any packaging, cans, plastic bottles, aerosols, nitrous oxide cartridges, fireworks, (fire) weapons, drugs and other dangerous objects, on pain of confiscation. If you are found, you can be handed over to the police.

Threats, vandalism, damage, mistreatment, intimidation, aggression, discrimination, racism and sexual harassment are prohibited – you will be removed.

The program is subject to change.

Tickets cannot be returned if one or more acts are cancelled. An attempt will be made to offer a replacement program.

Photos or recordings can be made at the events for reports, website, promotional purposes, etc.

By buying a ticket and entering the festival location, the visitor gives the organisation permission to use these recordings for these purposes.

It is prohibited to smoke in the indoor areas, except for the designated locations and/or areas.

The distribution of leaflets, flyers, and the sale of goods on the festival grounds and immediate vicinity is prohibited, unless written permission has been granted by the festival organisation.

Violation of the house rules may result in permanent removal. In situations for which the house rules do not provide, the organization/location will decide.

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