Useful Information

  • Good to know about the weather: The weather along the dutch coast can be unpredicatable. Make sure to pack some warm clothing & a rainjacket.


  • Food at Surfana Festival: We have a delicious food lineup with various vegan and vegetarians dishes on our festival terrain for you. Check out the food trucks present at Surfana Festival here.


  • Allergies & diets: If you have allergies or special diets please check in with the food vendors before getting your food.


  • Disability access: Most parts of the festival site are accesible with a wheelchair. You will find miva toilets on the terrain as well as a little podium for a good view durign the concerts at Lucy’s stage.


  • Lost & found: Lost and Found during the Festival will be gathered at the merch, info, locker point on the festival grounds. We will post all missing items on Instagram and our Facebook event after the festival. If you find your missing item there you can either come pick it up at the Surfana Surfcamp or ask us to mail it to you.


  • Can I charge my Phone? We don’t have any dedicated charging points at the festival grounds, however there are some power points on the campsite for a quick power-nap for your phone. Take note: You need a CEE adapter to use the electricity from the campsite.


  • Reusables: Our food court will exclusively run with Resuables. Please make sure you hand them in at our Zero Waste Lounge once you enjoyed your delicious goodies. Read more about how the system works.


  • Cup System: You will recieve a cup token with your wristband. You can hand in the cup token at the bar in return for a cup. Return the cup to the bar to receive a token for your next drink. Keep your cup, don’t pay for one. Lose your cup you pay 1.5,- for the next cup. Tokens cannot be exchanged for cash.


  • Water points: There are several free water points to fill up your reusable water bottle on the campsite on the festival terrain.


  • Cash, Card or Coins? We work with a cashless system – all you need is your bank card. We do not accept any cash onsite.


  • Can I take pictures? Absolutely, you are welcome to bring your own camera and video camera to capture some memorable snapshots during the festival. However, for websites and businesses intending to take professional pictures for commercial use, we kindly request that they seek permission from the festival organisers before the event commences. Respecting this policy will ensure proper coordination and adherence to any necessary guidelines for commercial photography at the festival. And for those posting to social media don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @surfana_collective and use the #SurfanaFestival#SurfanaFestival2023 #sf2!


  • Drug Policy: Surfana Festival is mainly about enjoying life in a natural and aware state. If you disagree with this vision, we kindly ask you to seek the party elsewhere.


  • Is first aid available? Yes there is first aid on site.


  • After Hours:Kindly be aware that a nightly noise curfew will be enforced on the campsite starting at 22:00. As the campsite caters to families, we kindly request that you respect your fellow campers by keeping noise to a minimum during nighttime hours. If you wish to continue singing and chatting after 22:00, we suggest heading to the beach, where you can enjoy your evening without disturbing others. Your cooperation will help maintain a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere for all campsite visitors.


  • Terms & Conditions: Read them here.

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