Conscious Connection and Communication

How would it be if you would be able to express your feelings, your boundaries and your needs more freely?

In your relationships, in your work, in intimacy and sexuality, and in your daily life?

Learning to authentically express what we feel and need, creates deeper, more authentic and loving connections in all areas of our lives, while we feel more truthful and connected to ourselves.

Join me in this workshop where we will dive into Authentic communication, Truthful connection, Feeling and expressing your boundaries, Feeling and expressing your needs, Giving and Receiving.

Welcome, my name is Francis,

I’ve been learning, growing and teaching in the field of personal development, spirituality, tantra and sacred sexuality for the past 8 years. I love to put together workshops, trainings and retreats that help people connect deeper to their truths, free themselves from anything that is in the way, and step into their full power and potential.

This workshop is for both singles and couples of all preferences and genders – the practices we will do will be helpful in all areas of your life.


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