Geometric Eco-Jewellery

From trash to treasure. Keep the oceans clean and come create your own earrings of necklace with our recycled plastics!

Our colourful eco-jewellery is made from recycled, laser-cut plastics. Get creative and out of your mind by working with your hands. In this workshop you can design and create your own unique combination of colours and shapes. You’ll learn to design jewellery by doing it yourself, with our help. You can make your own earrings or necklace which you can take with you or wear it right away. As surfing and nature is one of our big inspirations, for Surfana we will have special surf and ocean inspired shapes such as tiny wooden and recycled surfboards, fish and waves. Also for guys, rock that surf look with a statement earring!

As nature is our biggest inspiration, we make sure our jewellery produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Handmade and crafted in our creative atelier in Utrecht, in the Netherlands. We collaborate with social workplaces and local artisans to help us in production. We sell our collections worldwide and can be found in museums and concept stores; but in our workshops you get the chance to create something yourself. We want our design to contribute to a better world, not put more ‘crap’ on it! We hope our workshop inspires you to make more sustainable choices too!

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