Holistic Massage

Merel & Sheila are holistic masseuses with their own practice in Amsterdam. During Surfana Festival they will provide you with the most relaxing and profound massages. As holistic masseuses they work with the power of touch, breath, and movement in order for you to experience the interconnectedness between your physical, mental, emotional and energetic body. Both Merel and Sheila are trained in classic massage types such as Swedish and Deep Tissue, as well as energetic healing modalities aimed at stimulating the self-healing capacity of the body, such as Reiki and Access Consciousness.

Before the session starts, we will decide which of the following treatments suits you best:

  1. Wavy WondersA light till medium pressured massage and energetic healing that makes use of long, slow, and flowy movements. This calming massage is aimed at bringing deep relaxation into your nervous system, leaving you attuned and centered. Close your eyes and be carried away by wavy wonders.
  2. Dive Deep A medium till deep pressured massage that mainly works on the fascia surrounding your muscles. Does your body feel tense, rigid, or sore? This deep tissue massage will loosen up your muscles and make you feel more flexible and vibrant. Take a deep breath and let’s dive deep.

Book a session and recharge yourself for a new day full of joy and expression!

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