Let your breath work – Kickstart your day with good vibes!

Our daily experiences influence our breath. But what we often forget is that we can influence our daily lives and the states of our consciousness with our breath. We breath on autopilot. And thus we are usually not aware of the ways in which we can use our breath to calm ourselves, but also to energize ourselves. It’s our best natural tool, always available to us at all times. Mastering our breath is mastering our lives.

This workshop is for those who want experience the power of breathwork in a conscious yet very practical way to kickstart the day, get the energy moving and finetune for good vibrations at Surfana . Sinking into your body sensations, opening your senses for receptivity and aliveness, moving energy through your body, connecting with yourself on a physical, emotional & spiritual level and with the festival peeps around you. You will learn essential hands-on breathing techniques that you can apply for the rest of your life. This workshop is for all levels – everybody is welcome, with or without breathwork experience.

Practical stuff:

– Embodying and expressing your highest vibrations is encouraged – be yourself, wear your party outfit / accessory or bring a personal token that reminds you of your high frequency state. Yet, please wear a comfortable, stretchy outfit, easy to move/breath in (preferably no tight pants with buttons around the waist/belly area).

– Heavy meals 1-2 hours before the clinic are not recommended.

– If you have a specific health condition that should be taken into account – please feel welcome to share it 1-1 before the start of the clinic.

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