The Circle Of Presence

The circle of presence; an energetic exploration and expression of what is alive in the now

Welcome to the Circle of Presence, a space where time doesn’t exist and you can discover your (multidimensional) self in an embodied way. We’ll take you on a journey of energetic bodywork, sharing, and exploring the etheric and cosmic world. In other words, this is a ceremony to ground yourself in the midst of the festival buzz, and discover a part of your spiritual potential. A place where you can (re)connect with yourself and others. We will start in a circle with a sharing and grounding meditation, from that point on we will follow were the energy leads us and guide you in this. Magic just might occur. Feel free to come and co-create as we hold space & keys for each other. No experience with energy work is required. If you feel a YES, or a tinkle in you tummy, this workshop is for you. We are looking forward to meeting you in circle.

Love, Emma & Arjan, from School for Energywork.

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