Yin Yang massage

This Yin Yang massage is based on the principle of the Polarity Therapy and creates creating balance. Balance in the polarities, plus and minus poles. Balance in energy, the energy in your body, your mind, soul…..in your system. Balance in being human.

This massage is bringing you more in touch with your essence. The one you essentially are.

Polarity treatments are about connecting. Connecting with yourself, with your body, with your environment, with the contradictions you experience daily, with everything that is….

​An impulse of our nature is to make opposites disappear quickly. But did you know that opposites complement each other?

Think of the Yin Yang principle. One aspect can not exist without the other. They flow smoothly into each other and one arises from the other. If you can make this connection, a natural force arises.

Polarity treatments harmonise opposites. The life energy can flow in harmony. Blocked or clogged channels that carry the life energy can open, allowing the life force to get everywhere again.

The massage is a wonderful relaxation treatment, where we will work on different levels. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. That which needs the most attention make itself known and we focus our energy on that.

The treatment consists of laying on of hands, pressure point massage and ‚rocking‘ your body with the result that your body relaxes down to the deepest cells.

The unique thing about my treatment is that by making physical contact, your system can also communicate with your energetic system. I can receive information about what your soul or subconscious wants to show or is working on. The aim of this is to provide insights into the steps to be taken in your growth and development.

During the treatment you lie with your clothes on on a (heated) massage table with a blanket over you. You can completely surrender to the moment. You are in good hands. The treatment takes place over the entire body, from head to toe, front and back.

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