Babs is a rapper, producer, and songwriter who defies stereotypes about gender and sexuality. Despite only releasing her first music during the pandemic in 2021, she has already made a significant impact, with 9 singles and 2 EPs under her belt, and a nomination for the Popprijs Overijssel. She has performed at several festivals and venues, including Bevrijdingsfestival Den Haag, Rotterdam Pride, and the Melkweg, and has even scored her first sync in the hip-hop series Atlanta. As a female producer and rapper, Babs challenges the male-dominated music industry and combines fast dance drums, melodic rap, funky rhythms, and pop flavors to create a unique sound. She believes in telling stories that add color to society’s black and white thinking. Currently, she is working on her next project and collaborating with artists like Willie Wartaal, Linde Schöne, and Shary-An, among others. As 3voor12 talent of the Popronde 2022, she is set to perform at more than 15 shows throughout the Netherlands in the coming months.

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