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Welcome to Surfana

Our love for surfing and exploring new places inspired us to start our own surf school in Zandvoort in 2007.

Our goal is to inspire as many people as possible to choose a lifestyle based on happiness and fun. For us, that means surfing, being in nature, and sharing beautiful experiences with others.

This has led us to become a unique surf collective, with multiple surf schools, surf camps, surf trips, and a festival, where everyone is welcome to surf and experience the Surfana Surf vibe.

gezellig samen surfen


Surfana aims to inspire as many people as possible to choose a life full of happiness and fun.

With everything we do, we bring people together, closer to the sea.
And as a result, closer to themselves.
We make ‘the good life’ accessible. For everyone.

Choose the good life. What do we mean by that?
In practice, ‘the good life’ is different for everyone.
Yet, everyone associates it with a certain feeling.
A feeling of enjoyment, freedom, and being in your element.

That ultimate feeling sometimes seems far away.
Especially in a world where we seem to have so many obligations. And where time often feels scarce.
Surfana shows that this feeling is closer than you think.

For ‘the good life,’ you don’t have to travel the world in a camper,
meet a certain ideal, or go all the way to South Africa.
The good life is literally close to home. It resides within yourself.
All you have to do is make the choice to go for it.

What is the ultimate good life for us?

For us, it’s in October, when we travel to Northern Spain with as many Surfani’s as possible. With this annual trip, we close the season and fully enjoy life.

If you want to get a good sense of Surfana, we recommend watching this video.

Surfana crew

We are extremely grateful for our crew. With their enthusiasm and lifestyle, they inspire more and more people each year to be part of the Surfana family. During the summer, they work hard at our businesses, and in the winter, you can find them at beautiful surf spots all around the world.

Meet the Surfani’s

a better world with Surfana.

We believe that when everyone is happy, they also want to make the world a little bit more beautiful. . Here’s what we do.

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