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Surfana Beach Cleanup

Are you excited for the upcoming beach season? We definitely are! And to start the spring off clean, we are once again organizing the big beach cleanup in collaboration with Rapa Nui and the Surfriders Foundation.

Do you want to contribute too? You can!

Keep the oceans clean together

The Surf Project

Surfing is for everyone, including children with Down syndrome, autism, and/or ADHD. That’s why the Surf Project was created. It provides a safe and positive environment for these children to experience surfing.

We are one of the locations where the surf lessons of the Surf Project take place. Besides the joy of surfing, the main goal of the Surf Project is to boost children’s self-confidence by participating in such a cool sport.

More information about the Surf Project

Surfana Festival Zero Waste

In 2018, we embarked on our mission to make Surfana Festival ‘zero waste’. We have always been responsible with waste management, but after discussions with the folks from Seavents, we realized there was so much more we could do!

Our focus is not just on responsible waste management but also on preventing waste generation altogether. This approach presents exciting and interesting challenges that require a highly creative way of thinking.

We will persist until Surfana Festival is 99.9% Zero Waste!

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