Learn how to read the Surf forecast

Datum - 31/07 2022
9:00 - 12:00


Every Last Sunday of the months we will organise different surf oriented Workshops at Surfana Noosa in Zandvoort. Join us and improve your knowledge and skillset around surfing.

In July we will host a Workshop about how to read a Surf Forecast with Haiko. 

Have you ever gone to the beach ready and stoked for a nice surf and got bummed out about the waves? Join this workshop to learn to read the surf forecast, factors that influence the waves, what type of waves are created by factors such as tides, wind, storm, periods and more. Get to know the forecasting tools and how to read the forecast in a way that you know what is a good day for you to get in the water. Join this workshop to become a wizard in forecasting waves from your local surfbreak to the other side of the planet.

Part of this session will be

  • Waves: picking favourite waves, Defining different type waves, Ocean floor & swells, Bottom (sand, reef and slope of bottom)
  • Swell: Factors,  Lsdd, Period ,Tide, Wind & storm, Direction
  • Data: measurement scale, measurement tools, the charts, forecasting websites, live webcams
    Reading live conditions
  • Dutch specifics: breaks at the dutch coast, factors that create waves in The Netherlands and analysing Zandvoort as an exampl
  • Analyse this weeks forecast for certain surfing days

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