Surfana Softtop Session

Datum - 02/10 2022
12:00 - 23:30

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Join us for the best amateur surf competition of the year!

You don’t have to be a good surfer, all you need to do is have fun in the water! No matter your age or level.

Come join our closing surf party on the 2nd of October & show off the skills you’ve learned this season. At the softtop sessions we will host a surf competition where you can show your greatest tricks and craziest outfits.

The competition is for all levels and all ages. Get ready for a fun day and great prices. The contest starts at 12pm and lasts until 5pm. In between the heats or if you’re not surfing you can chill out at Rapa Nui or you can help with our beach clean up.

After a fun day in the water and around the beach we will finish the day with a delicious vegetarian BBQ and some live music at Rapa Nui.

Sign up with this link, hope to see you there!, hope to see you there!

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