Surfana Surfskate Session

Datum - 26/06 2022

Surfana Noosa


Every Last Sunday of the months we will organise different surf oriented Workshops at Surfana Noosa in Zandvoort. Join us and improve your knowledge and skillset around surfing. 

“The Dutch sea consists of short, challenging beach breaks in fluctuating conditions. Due to the chance of flatness and short surf time on the wave itself, these waves are very educational, but less forgiving for novice/intermediate surfers.

Surf skates take the variables away from the elements, offering the chance to practice the flow and movements of surfing in an accessible way. Learning to cruise and maneuver on surf skates, develop and refine the essential foundation that can make the difference in the challenging, but above all fun Dutch sea. Just like any other sport, surfskating takes time, effort and patience to get better. And just like having a good surf instructor, a skilled surf skate instructor can provide an educational experience for both surfing and surfing.”

Make sure to sign up here and save a spot at our first Surf skate session at Noosa. The session will take place from 3-6pm. 

To Sign up for the Surfskate session you will have to create an B sports account, if you are in one of our surfclubs you already have an account and you can easily login and sign up for the session. Read more about our Surfclubs.

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