Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Accepting the not-so-great times

Are you often caught in a struggle with your thoughts and feelings, trying to push away the uncomfortable ones while clinging to the positive? This internal battle not only exhausts us but also keeps us from living fully in the present and moving towards what truly matters in our lives. If this resonates with you, our follow-up workshop to ‘the inner critic’ might just be the stepping stone you need.

In this 1.5-hour workshop, we dive deeper into the core processes of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), with a special focus on Acceptance skills. Learning to accept your thoughts and feelings can be a transformative step towards a more fulfilling life. This workshop is designed to teach you practical techniques to embrace your internal experiences without judgment, enabling you to engage more fully with the present moment and pursue your values with greater commitment.

About Djal

Djai is an experienced (neuro) psychologist, specialised in ACT, trauma and addiction. His daily life consists of working as a psychologist, clinical director of Microdose Pro and founder of Ripple Surf Therapy – where he organises weeks of surf-therapy abroad.

And the wave of positivity doesn’t end with the workshop. In line with our belief in the power of giving back, all proceeds from the workshop will be donated to a non-profit organization dedicated to offering surf therapy to those in need. By participating, you’re not only investing in your own wellbeing but also contributing to something bigger.

See you at the workshop!

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