Authentic Relating & Communication

  • Are you able to meet others from a place of love and authenticity? Do you wish to practice communicating your needs and desires whilst staying close to yourself?
  • To what extent can you express your boundaries in a healthy way?
  • How often do you do something to please others that’s not in line with your own self?

Explore authentic relating and communication from different perspectives.

Immerse in these questions together with your friend, partner, neighbour and new acquaintances in a grounded, safe and inclusive space.

This clinic is for you if you want to practice meeting other people from awareness,  embodying and expressing your boundaries,  experience trusting your inner voice more, and practise speaking your truth from your grounded heart space.

Expect some group exercises, some 1-1 and a pinch of breath-work.

It is not necessary to come with a partner. This clinic is suitable for all individuals – lovers, friends, Surfana tent neighbours, twin-flames, past and future allies from all genders, sexual orientation and relationship forms are all welcome.

What you should know – This is not a tantric clinic. The exercises are focused on connecting to yourself, communication and expression.

About your hosts:

Kristina is a licensed relationship therapist, psychosocial therapist and breath-worker with her own online practice. Yves is an experienced space keeper and tantric explorer, organising and co-hosting multiple retreats in the Netherlands. Combining their forces as loving partners and guides, they are going to take you through different perspectives of authentic relating.

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