Where some festivals may leave you exhausted, unhealthy or tired – Surfana Festival is different! This bootcamp will leave you feeling healthy, energetic, strong, flexible and mobile. Rob works with a combination of strength, mobility and a lot of high energy exercises to support your functionality in daily life, as well as improving your surfing skills.  Join one bootcamp training to increase your energy during the festival, or join them all to keep up your workout regimen the whole weekend – all sessions are creatively different and adjusted to time of the day – so you will go back to daily life feeling stronger & inspired to keep up the good work!

About Rob:
Years of working in the health and fitness industry, Rob’s knowledge is close to unlimited when it comes to functional work-out sessions. With his happy, energetic and enthusiastic energy Rob has built a large fanbase in The Hague and surroundings, so you’re lucky to get a spot with this popular trainer away from his hometown.

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