De Queer Surf Club

De Queer Surf Club, founded by Mack & Lisette, is a testament to their deep love and passion for the ocean. It was born from the desire to establish a welcoming haven for all water enthusiasts, providing a safe space for individuals who share their affinity for the sea.

Their mission extends beyond simply sharing their personal connection with the ocean. Mack & Lisette also aim to foster a strong sense of community among queer individuals, utilizing the power of the sea and the art of surfing as transformative tools.

We invite you to join the special Surfana Edition of the Queer Surf Club on Sunday. Experience the joy of learning SUP skills from Mack & Lisette as they empower and unite the queer community through the beauty of riding the waves.

With the expected flat, shiny sea there is nothing better than a SUP (Stand Up Paddle) session.

Besides being calming and mindful, SUP is a great workout! All muscle groups will be at work; your legs, belly, back and arms. You can even try some yoga poses on the floating SUP!

After some practice you would be able to catch some waves with a SUP-board. What an amazing feeling! Due to its size even the smallest waves can be ridden with a SUP-board, so it’s the perfect way to surf when the ocean doesn’t provide great waves.

SUP clinics will include a briefing and a lifeguard guiding you. Boards will not be for rent, so if you want to be sure to have some fun on the water, book your clinics here!

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