Learn to Surf for kids

Introducing SuperSUP:

For the little kids (and also for adults) we have the SuperSUP clinic this weekend! Great to go into the water during the heat and take on the challenge of paddling across the water with a group of people on one huge SUP. There will always be a lifeguard to guide and play fun games on the SuperSUP with you. Book this with a group of friends or with a group of kids to be assured of some wonderful cooling and fun during Surfana Festival.

Besides being calming and mindful, SUP is a great workout! All muscle groups will be at work; your legs, belly, back and arms. You can even try some yoga poses on the floating SUP!

After some practice you would be able to catch some waves with a SUP-board. What an amazing feeling! Due to its size even the smallest waves can be ridden with a SUP-board, so it’s the perfect way to surf when the ocean doesn’t provide great waves.

SUP clinics will include a briefing and a lifeguard guiding you. Boards will not be for rent, so if you want to be sure to have some fun on the water, book your clinics here!

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