Spoken Word by Elten Kiene

Playfully convert your thoughts, images, feelings and words into creative meaningful sentences. Participants who want to can submit their writing, but this is not mandatory. This workshop is for everyone from the age of 8 and certainly also for people who think they are not creative enough.

Elten Kiene is a spoken word artist, presenter, organizer and workshop teacher. He is co-founder of the platform Woorden Worden Zinnen and was part of the hip-hop collective Brandwerk. Bringing together different worlds with word art as the most important instrument is a common thread through all his work.

In 2020 he received the South Holland Culture Prize from the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund because he knows how to appeal to a wide audience with literary programs and how to get the best out of young poetry performers.

As a coach of Young in Prison, Elten gives workshops in youth prisons and makes programs for Oerol, the World Museum and Read My World Festival, among others. He is also an ambassador for the AanZet Library and has traveled to Liverpool, San Francisco and Johannesburg, among other things, for the Next Generation Speaks project.

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