Dorpsstraat 3

One slow day, some friends stumbled upon an unexpected discovery while walking past the old house of the Priest of the village where they grew up, located at 3 Dorpsstraat. After exploring the dusty house for a while, they found themselves in the basement where they were pleasantly surprised to find a treasure trove of analog synthesizers, rhythm boxes, and an extensive record collection that included artists such as Grauzone, ZZ & de Masks, Kraftwerk, and Erkin Koray.

Inspired by their findings and the abundance of empty wine bottles in the cellar, they wrote a song about the priest and named themselves after the building where it all began – Dorpsstraat 3. Their music is a unique blend of post-punk and synthwave, drawing inspiration from various genres and eras from different corners of the world. With this diverse range of influences, Dorpsstraat 3 creates a sound that is both familiar and innovative, telling stories that are both captivating and unheard of before.

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