Tay Oskee (AU)

The name Tay Oskee has become synonymous with feel-good indie folk pop music and with the release of his debut album Keepers of the Morning, he has created an entirely DIY record that features an elevated collection of songs and stories, showcasing his talents as a masterful composer, producer, and artist.

Keepers of the Morning takes the listener on a journey of self-discovery, contemplation, gratitude, and the importance of connection. The kind of album that needs space to breathe, to be wildly free and to be grounded in nature, a resemblance of the environment in which it was created.

Tay’s song writing is an uplifting journey with melodies that infiltrate your core, ducking and weaving throughout the album and leaving you with a sense of nostalgic euphoria. The decision to create this album with complete autonomy was not without its challenges:

Keepers Of The Morning is the self-written and entirely self-produced work of art, by undoubtedly one of Australia’s most talented emerging indie folk writers and performers.

An artist that cut his teeth on busking and live shows, Tay has had understandably itchy feet since touring came off the table in 2020. With his sights set on European and UK shows throughout the Northern Summer, there is also the promise of a massive, yet-to-be-announced Australian headline tour in late 2023.

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