Surf holiday and surf trips

Are you looking for your next surf holiday or do you want to learn how to surf? Surfana is here for you! With a wide range of options in the Netherlands, we enjoy the waves, the camaraderie, and the beautiful nature together.

Surfcamp bloemendaal

Camp Bloemendaal

  • Intimate atmosphere among the pine trees
  • Just a 5-minute walk to the beach
  • Daily delicious breakfast & 3 dinners per week
  • Surf and yoga packages
  • 2-person accommodations
  • Aimed at adults

Immerse yourself in the refreshing sea breeze. Delight in mouthwatering meals and embrace the waves and sandy shores. Surfana surf camp offers an idyllic sanctuary to relax and celebrate the summer season together.

Experience Surfana Bloemendaal


  • Discover the Island and Wadden Sea
  • Daily delicious breakfast and 4 dinners per week
  • Conveniently located just steps away from the beach

Immerse yourself in the unique blend of Surfana and island vibes during your stay at our Surfana Camp on the stunning Vlieland.

Experience Surfana Vlieland


  • Combine the power of surfing and yoga
  • Stunning beachside locations in the dunes
  • Offering both vacation weeks and weekend getaways in the Netherlands

Unleash your inner bliss with the perfect combination of surfing and yoga. Join us for a vacation week or a weekend escape, surrounded by nature's beauty and energizing activities.

Explore Our Surf and Yoga holidays

What is the ideal surf holiday for adults?

If you want to learn how to surf, it’s important to do it on waves that match your skill level. The Dutch waves are great for learning the basic techniques of surfing. The waves in the Netherlands come consistently, allowing you to practice a lot. Additionally, they are often not very big, which allows you to start calmly and with confidence.

You can also learn to surf very well abroad. However, it’s important to know where you’re going. You could be on a beach with perfect beginner waves while another beach nearby has dangerous advanced waves. It’s crucial to have proper guidance in this regard. Which surf spot is best given the current conditions?

Some areas have multiple surf spots that are all different. This can be frustrating because each beach is different every time. However, if you know the area well, it’s actually very enjoyable! You look at the forecasts and have an idea of how the waves will be at each beach. The Algarve is one such area, and that’s why we organize surf vacations to Portugal. In the Algarve, you have good waves for every level in almost all conditions. So whether you’re a beginner or advanced, we ensure that you can surf the most ideal waves to develop yourself in a fun way.

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