Escape for a delightful weekend getaway. Clear your mind on Vlieland, immerse yourself in nature, and recharge with yoga and surf lessons. We’ve got it all covered for you!

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Surf and Yoga Weekend Getaway to Vlieland

Breathtaking views, the scent of nature, and the tranquility of the island allow you to fully enjoy the moment and push yourself to the max. The combination of yoga and surfing makes this weekend getaway to Vlieland the ultimate short vacation!

Who is this short yoga retreat for?

For anyone who loves combining a weekend getaway with yoga, surfing, a beautiful environment, delicious food, and island life. Participants come from all over the country to join this weekend. You can come alone or bring someone along. The atmosphere is relaxed: everything is allowed, nothing is required.

Check out how amazing a weekend getaway to Vlieland can be!

Currently, We Only Offer Yoga Vacations to Bloemendaal Go to Bloemendaal

Choose your preferred accommodation during the yoga vacation

At Camping Stortemelk, Surfana has its own spot with Surf Sheddies, tent houses, a cooking tent, chill tent, the surf school, and a hammock/hangout area. You can opt to stay in a Surf Sheddie for two or share a tent house with other guests of the yoga surf weekend. Don’t wait too long to book a tipi, as they fill up quickly.

More information about the Surf and Yoga Weekend on Vlieland

The Yoga lessons

This is a great way to deepen your yoga practice or if you’re new to yoga, to get acquainted with it. The yoga sessions have a down-to-earth and friendly approach with a focus on precision and deepening.

This weekend is dedicated to creating awareness within the body. Through the yoga sessions, you’ll gain knowledge about the body and mind, which can be applied to both surfing and everyday movement.

Yoga Class Locations

The island offers several unique locations for the yoga classes. Depending on the weather conditions, we choose the most beautiful spot for the moment. The forest or dunes are our favorites! Don’t worry if you’ve never done yoga before, you’re still more than welcome. Our yoga teacher, Carla, ensures that everyone can participate at their own level. The yoga sessions will be a combination of Hatha Flow, Vinyasa Flow, and meditation.

Bring Your Own Yoga Mat

You’re welcome to bring your own yoga mat. We also have a few yoga mats available at the campsite for borrowing. Bringing a fleece blanket is also recommended, as Vlieland can occasionally be a bit chilly. A blanket is a warm welcome for the beginning and end of the yoga practice.

What Yoga Clothing Should I Bring?

Pack comfortable, warm clothing, and layers! Being on an island means the weather can change frequently. A sea breeze, warm sun, or some clouds will likely be part of the weekend.

Yoga is practiced barefoot (just like surfing… ?), and for the more relaxed exercises, you can wear warm socks.

So, bring your own blanket to use for support during your practice and to wrap yourself in during Savasana (final relaxation). If you’re a walker or runner, bring your shoes as it’s a beautiful walking/running area.

Injuries? Let us know!

Als je last hebt van een blessure, een bewegingsbeperking of iets anders chronisch dan horen wij dit graag. Onze yogadocente en de surfinstructeurs zijn kundig opgeleid om hier aanpassingen op te bedenken. Voor ons is het belangrijk dat je een fijn weekend hebt en dat ongemakken geen hinder hoeven te zijn.

The Food during the Surf and Yoga Getaway

During the weekend, breakfast and Saturday night dinner are included. The breakfast offers a variety of healthy options with a focus on wholesome food. On Saturday night, our chef prepares a vegetarian barbecue, guaranteeing a healthy, flavorful, and surprising evening meal.

Surf lessons during the yoga weekend

In addition to the yoga classes, we offer a surf lesson taught by qualified instructors who will introduce you to the joy of surfing. Throughout the weekend, you can also make use of the surf equipment to enjoy the sea on your own. This lesson is optional, not mandatory, and no experience is required. Our instructors can accommodate different skill levels!

  • Learn Yoga on Vlieland!
  • Find Serenity on a Wadden Island
  • Stay amidst Nature

Location: Vlieland

This beautiful island offers many serene spots to practice yoga.

Many wonder why everyone is so relaxed on Vlieland. It’s mainly due to the stunning nature, the island’s manageability, the absence of cars, and the ferry journey. The ferry ride takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes, providing a perfect opportunity to reflect on mainland matters before letting go. Almost everyone arrives on the island feeling completely relaxed.

Vlieland boasts a diverse landscape. In addition to its abundant forests and protected dunes, the western half of the island features a vast sandy plain known as the Northern Sahara. All of this is perfect for walking or cycling. At various points on the island, you can enjoy breathtaking views of both the North Sea and the beautiful Wadden Sea.

Currently, We Only Offer Yoga Vacations to Bloemendaal Go to Bloemendaal

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