SURF GEAR RENTAL Zandvoort - Bloemendaal - Vlieland

Surf whenever you want! At our locations, you can almost always rent a surfboard and wetsuit.



Are you comfortable riding waves and looking to book gear instead of taking a lesson? At our surf schools in Bloemendaal (Rapa Nui), Zandvoort (Noosa), and Vlieland (Stortemelk), you can rent a board and wetsuit. Choose from a wide range of boards for €7.50 per hour, with suitable options for every skill level. Be sure to make an online reservation to secure your board and wetsuit.

Want to rent surf gear on Vlieland? We’ve got you covered at camping Stortemelk.


At our Zandvoort location, we use rental credits. This allows us to give you more, so you can enjoy surfing longer! You can purchase rental credits at our surf school reception desk.

  1. Get €10 in rental credits for free when you purchase €50 in rental credits.
  2. Get €25 in rental credits for free when you purchase €100 in rental credits!

If you want an unlimited rental subscription in Zandvoort, you can get one.  Choose the rental subscription that suits your needs..


You pay for board and wetsuit rental after the fact, based on how long you were in the water. We only accept payments by debit card for rentals. You can leave your debit card as a deposit for the rented surf gear.



We have a wide selection of soft tops in our inventory, including shortboards, 4’8″, funboards in 7’6″, and longboards up to 9’0″. We’re happy to provide advice on the type of surfboard that suits your skill level and the surf conditions. We often use soft tops ourselves because they catch a lot of waves and allow you to work on your technique.

Want to rent a surfboard unlimited during the entire season? Book a surfboard rental unlimited here.

  • Softtops
  • €7,50 per hour
  • Various sizes for different skill levels
  • €200 for unlimited rental during the entire season

Surfboard and SUP Equipment rental at Noosa and Rapa Nui must be reserved online. You can reserve equipment rental at Surfana Vlieland on-site or by phone.


Every season, the collection of wetsuits is replaced with new ones, so we always have a wide selection of good new wetsuits available. We have 5/3mm wetsuits, allowing you to hit the North Sea even in the cold spring. In April, we also rent out boots, caps, and gloves. For the summer, we have 4/3mm wetsuits available in all sizes, so you’ll never be too cold or too warm.

If you want to rent a wetsuit unlimited during the entire season, book a  wetsuit rental unlimited

  • Wide choice of 5/3mm and 4/3mm wetsuits
  • €5,- per hour
  • Gloves, boots, and cap €2.50 per item or €5 for all accessories
  • €130 for unlimited rental during the season

If you only want to rent a wetsuit or accessories (boots, gloves, cap), you don’t need to make a reservation in advance.

RENT A SUP BOARD (stand up paddle)

If there are few or no waves on a day, and you have some experience with SUP, you can rent a SUP board from us! It’s very relaxing to paddle out a bit along the coast, and you might even spot a seal on the way. When you return, you’ll have had a good workout. SUP is the perfect activity to do between sunbathing and chilling on the beach.

If it’s your first time SUP-ing, choose a SUP-lesson, which costs €32.50 per person and starts from three people. An experienced instructor will give you the first instructions and guide you on how to safely return to the coast.


  • Good stable SUPs for beginners
  • €12,50 per hour
  • SUP + Paddle

Note: SUP lessons and rental can be booked from the age of 14.

Equipment rental at Noosa and Rapa Nui must be reserved online. At Surfana Vlieland, you can reserve on-site or by phone.


Check our Facebook for updates on the surf forecast. You can also use the websites Windguru or Magic Seaweed. It takes some time to learn how to read the surf forecast.

The best thing to do is to go surfing as often as possible! Each time, you can check the wind, wave, and tide forecasts, and you’ll learn quickly what works best. You can always ask us for tips at the surf school on-site.

If you've never surfed before, TAKE A SURF LESSON FIRST.

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