Surf lessons

Contrary to what many people think, the Netherlands has beautiful waves for (learning to) surf. Although the days with perfect waves are fewer compared to France or Portugal, there are still plenty to keep you stoked for your next session!

Come to Surfana and take a surf lesson to experience it for yourself. We offer surf lessons for both adults and children at our surf schools in Zandvoort, Bloemendaal and Vlieland. Everyone can learn to surf with us!

Surf lessons adults

  • We'll teach you how to surf!
  • Qualified instructors
  • Enjoy the North Sea
Vanaf € 39,50

Take a surfing lesson at Surfana and enjoy the ocean!

Zandvoort (Noosa) & Bloemendaal (Rapa Nui) Vlieland

Surf lessons kids

  • For children aged 7-13
  • Qualified instructors
  • Make new friends
Vanaf € 29,50

What could be more enjoyable for a child than being on the beach and playing in the sea? Surfing is exactly that! Please note: are you 14 years or older? Then book an adult surf lesson.

Noosa (Zandvoort) & Rapa Nui (Bloemendaal) Vlieland

Surfboard wetsuit and SUP rental

  • Softtops & Hardtops
  • Wetsuits in different thicknesses.

We offer a wide range of rental surfboards, ensuring that everyone can surf at their level.

Surf gear rental

The History of Surfing in the Netherlands:

Discover the Magic of Surfing on the North Sea

Surfing in the Netherlands used to be a sport for a small group of pioneers who had discovered it abroad. They brought surfboards from other countries and surfed on Dutch shores.

In recent years, surfing has become increasingly popular as more people discover the great waves in the Netherlands. Improved forecasting methods, surfing blogs, and better wetsuit technology have also contributed to the growth of the sport. Today, you can even surf in the winter and stay warm in our North Sea!

Surf Culture in the Netherlands

The surfing culture in the Netherlands is growing, and more people are discovering the magic of this sport. There are now more websites dedicated to surfing, and a quarterly magazine about surfing in the Netherlands.

Enjoying the North Sea While Surfing

The best thing about surfing in the Netherlands is the special atmosphere it creates. Dutch surfers are out in the water, rain or shine, creating magical moments with the elements. The rugged North Sea, the endless Dutch beaches, and curious seals are just a few of the things that make surfing in the Netherlands a truly unique experience.

Surfen Noordzee bij Surfana

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