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Have you always wondered what it feels like to cruise over waves with a surfboard? Book an adult surf lesson now in Bloemendaal, Zandvoort or Vlieland!

It’s never too late to learn how to surf!

Have you always dreamed of surfing like Kelly Slater or Bethany Hamilton? At Surfana, you can book surf lessons throughout the spring and summer. We have three surf schools located throughout the Netherlands, where you can take lessons from certified instructors. You can find us in Bloemendaal aan Zee at Rapa Nui, within walking distance of Zandvoort station at Noosa, and for a true island vibe, book lessons at our school in Vlieland at camping Stortemelk.

Surfing stimulates the desire to get outside more, experience new thrills, and can even lead to a (positive) addiction to the rush you feel when you catch a wave. You’ll experience these positive effects during your surf lesson at Surfana!

What are the waves like in the Netherlands?

The waves in the Netherlands are great for adults to learn how to surf. Due to the generally windy conditions in the Netherlands, there are almost always waves to surf.

While the quality of the waves may not be as high as in places like Australia or Hawaii, to learn how to surf, you simply need a lot of waves. And we have plenty of those in the Netherlands!

“Please be aware that surfing can be addictive and can change your life permanently. Surfana is not responsible for these consequences and therefore cannot be held liable for quitting your job, relationship problems, or irresponsible travel behavior. If you are susceptible to these effects, it is wise to inform your immediate surroundings before taking a lesson.”

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