Once a year Surfana Festival takes place in the Dutch national park or the Kennemer dunes. Surf minded people from all around the world come together to feel a unique blend of music, clinics, food, arts and love. An ultimate experience in which you deeply connect with nature and each other. Something, we think, softly touches the essence of our existence.

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  • Important ticket information


    *In order to spend a night at the festival at any point over the festival weekend you will require a Full Weekend Ticket.*

    Weekend tickets

    • Sunrise Session - €144.50
    • Low Tide - € 154.50

    • High Tide - €164.50

    • Sunset Session - €174.50

    • Passepartout - €116.50

    • Campervan Ticket - €129.50

    • Kids Weekend Ticket - €37.50

    • Friday Ticket - €36.50

    • Day ticket - Kids (FRI) - €15.50

    • Saturday Ticket - €53.50

    • Day Ticket Kids (SAT) - €19.50

    • Sunday Ticket - €31.50

    • Day Ticket Kids (SUN) - €15.50


    *Full Weekend ticket

    Gives 1 x person access to all days and nights of the festival + access to the campsite. This ticket excludes campervan or other fancy accommodation option.
    *Campervan ticket 
    Provides you with a campervan sticker that gives you the right to park your campervan on the campsite. Each person staying in a campervan needs to have a Full Weekend Ticket. There is a maximum of 4 people that can stay in one campervan. No trailers allowed.
    *Passe partout 
    Access to all days of the festival – without campsite/sleeping access. So basically daytickets for the whole weekend, with a discount. With a Passe Partout you are only allowed to the festival terrain during opening hours.

    Day ticket

    Friday ticket
    Access to the festival on Friday from 12:00 until 00:00.
    Saturday ticket
    Access to the festival on Saturday from 10:00 until 00:00.
    Sunday ticket
    Access to the festival on Sunday from 10:00 until 00:00.

    For kids up to 6 years, day tickets are free**

    • Kids Weekend Ticket - €37.50

    - Which campervans can I bring to the festival with a van life ticket?

    There is no maximum size or any further restrictions about the campervan you can bring to the festival. However, you cannot bring a trailer. This means no caravans because you have to deal with the car as well, which is really space inefficient. It does not matter how many people sleep in a van. - Everybody needs a full weekend ticket though. Some camping spots have electricity, this has to be shared with the other people on the same spot. This cannot be reserved beforehand.

    - How are my camping spots booked for the festival?

    Unless you have booked a specific camping option with Camping De Lakens the camping spots are served on a first come first serve basis. There are no pre reservations made.

    - Do I need tickets for my children?

    Children between the age of 6 to 17 require a ticket for children. Children younger than 6 do not need a ticket - all children must be accompanied by an adult.

    - Campervan tickets

    Provides you with a campervan sticker that gives you the right to park your campervan at the campsite. Each person staying in a campervan needs to have a Full Weekend Ticket. NO CARAVANS OR TRAILERS ARE ALLOWED.

    Additional ticket information

    Each ticket comes with a €1.50 euro service charge. All tickets are tax inclusive. We retain the right to refuse people that misbehave or don’t respect campsite or festival policies. View our Terms & Conditions HERE
  • Kids tickets

    • Of course we've put together a very cool program for children! Children under 18 must always come to the festival under supervision! What about the children's Tickets? We have different options: 
    • Weekend tickets For children up to 6 are free. From 6 to 17 you require a ticket. 
    Day tickets Admission is free for kids up to the age of 6, children aged 6 to 17 require a ticket.
  • How do I stay up to date?

    Follow us on Facebook or Instagram and join the the 2022 event on Facebook. 
  • Parking & Camper vans


    The Surfana Festival is a no parking zone. We highly recommend carpooling! Make sure to check BlaBlaCar or shoot us a message on Instagram if you have an extra seat in your car so we can help filling up the free spots. There is a Kiss & Ride at the campsite reception so you can drop off your luggage. One of you will have to to drop off the car at a parking spot nearby, while the others can start the party and set up camp. Little tip: be extra nice to your driver and surprise him/her with a fresh cold drink. Parking tips: Ikea @ Haarlem Spaarnwoude (free) Parkeergarage Raaks, Haarlem -> easy with bus #81 Cronjé Parkeergarage -> easy with bus #81 Interparking Station -> easy with bus #81 Parkeerplaats, Watertoren P + R Overeen Parkeerplaats Buitenplaats Elswout Parking De Zuid - Ingenieur G. Friedhoffplein 14, 2042 BN Zandvoort Parking Centrum Garage Parking Garage Kleverlaan 12 Dak Parkeer Leidsevaartbuurt

    Camper Van Tickets € 37.50 

    Provides you with a campervan sticker that gives you the right to park your campervan at the campsite. Each person staying in a campervan needs to have a Full Weekend Ticket. There is a maximum of 4 people that can stay in one campervan.  NO CARAVAN'S OR TRAILERS ARE ALLOWED.
  • When is the campsite open?

    Everybody with a Surfana Festival weekend ticket can stay at the campsite from Thursday 16:00 until Monday morning 10:00. The festival terrain is open daily from 11:00 until 24:00. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Ticketing support

    For all questions regarding the ticketing or payment system, please contact Stager support or check up on their FAQs. Any questions regarding a ticket refund or general information regarding tickets; please contact the Surfana Team.
  • Minimum age?

    The minimum age to gain access to the festival is 18 years. Teenagers and kids under 18 are welcome if accompanied by an adult rightful parent or guardian. Friends/siblings above 18 do not count in this case and we will be checking ID’s at the check in/entrance. So be aware: people under 18 that would like to come to the festival with friends that are above 18 will be refused.
  • Can I bring my kids?

    Sure! You can bring your little ones up to 6 years old for free. Kids up to 17 years old that stay the weekend need a kids weekend ticket.

  • Can I load up my campsite with my car?

    Did you drive in and drop your stuff off by car? If you are leaving today or tomorrow you can drive back in to load up your stuff just before getting in the road.
  • Can I bring my dog or any other pets?

    No, the camping has a strict policy which doesn’t allow dogs or other pets.
  • I want to write about the festival (PRESS)

    You can find our Videos here And our Photos here. If you have more questions please contact Let us also know when you published it. We love that. Thanks!
  • From who do I buy my ticket? (LEGAL)

    You buy your ticket from: Stichting Surfana Festival. We're incorporated at the chamber of commerce in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) by the number 70636737.   Our office (visiting address): Hammerstaat 16 1021 JV Amsterdam   Check our terms and conditions here
  • About Surfana

    Surfana is a surf and goodlife collective founded in the summer of 2007. The motivation of the collective is based on a desire to live a life based on love, passion and freedom. This goodlife ideology soon took flight which resulted in more members & several surf schools, camps and surf trips around the world. In 2013 it was time to celebrate and the first official Surfana Festival edition became a fact!
  • What are the terms and conditions?

    Check them here
  • Check in at the festival

    The checkin will be at the reception of camping de Lakens. This is the first building you'll come across when entering the camping. Here you will receive a wristband after your tickets have been scanned. With this wristband you will be able to get access to the festival and if you have a weekend ticket with camping access also to the campsite.
  • Clinics

    Some of the clinics and vibes are free, however most of them will cost you a little fee. Clinics are bookable online and also at the info points at the festival. Are the clinics included in the tickets? Some of the clinics and vibes are free, however most of them will cost you a little fee. Clinics will be bookable online in August and also at the info points at the festival. Can I borrow / rent / buy yoga mats for the clinics at the festival? Definitely. There will be fantastic new yoga matts to rent & buy. Is there going to be a breakfast concert again and where can I book it? Yes! You can book it here Do I need to bring my own materials to the festival? We do provide most materials you need for the activities and clinics. However, if you have a yoga mat and want to join a yoga clinic we are happy if you bring along your own mat. Can I cancel a clinic? The customer may cancel the booking up to one day before the scheduled clinic before 17.00. In this case the customer can ask for a refund. If the customer cancels after this time there will not be given a refund. The customer can cancel a clinic in their Viking account or by sending an email to  
  • Can I rent a surfboard or wetsuit at the festival?

    Yes, apart from the surf clinics where a surfboard is included, Surfana Zandvoort will supply some surfboards (limited amount) for you at the festival, which you can rent per hour. A few wetsuits are also available (for kids too), rentable per hour. Best to bring your own if you have one!
  • Drugs policy

    Surfana Festival is mainly about enjoying life in a natural and aware state. If you disagree with this vision, we kindly ask you to seek the party elsewhere.
  • Is there access to clean tap water?

    Yes, you can drink the tap water provided at the sanitary buildings from the camping.
  • Can I bring my own food and beverages?

    If you have a weekend + sleeping ticket and you will be staying at the campsite, you are allowed to bring your own food/drinks to consume at your tent or camper van. Cooking at your tent is only allowed on small camping gas pits. No open fire and no barbecues allowed! On the festival grounds itself, we’ll treat you with great food and plenty of drinks to choose from. Please don’t bring your own food into the festival grounds.
  • Can I charge my phone somewhere?

    We don’t have any dedicated charging points at the festival grounds, however there are some power points on the campsite for a quick power-nap for your phone.
  • Can I walk in the dunes?

    It is not allowed to enter the dunes by climbing/passing any of the fences. The dunes are fragile and part of a protected nature reserve, so please stay on the paths and respect this rule. If you want some privacy for a ‘nightly walk’ we can advise the beach!
  • After hours

    A nightly noise curfew will be in place on the campsite after 22:00. Take note: you will be on a family campsite, so please respect your fellow campers and keep noise to a minimum at night. If you still feel like singing and chatting, we advise you to go to the beach.
  • Can I take pictures of the festival?

    Yes, you are allowed to take your own camera and/video camera to take some snapshots. Websites/businesses who want to take professional pictures for commercial use have to ask permission before the festival starts.
  • Is there first aid available?

    Yes, on the festival ground we have first aid.
  • What is Surfana Festival?

    Surfana is a surf and goodlife collective founded in the summer of 2007. It started as a surfschool in Zandvoort but soon a second surfschool in Vlieland, a camp in Bloemendaal and an intimite surftrip company joined the collective. It is our philosophy to live happily, to enjoy life to the utmost – and to share our lifestyle with others. Our success is simply based on a combination of surf and sport activities on the one hand, and a healthy lifestyle around nature on the other. Located near the beach and the beautiful dunes of the National Park Zuid-Kennemerland, here people will be able to enjoy a simple lifestyle among other people who share that same vibe! In 2013 we decided to create an event that reflects the whole Surfana ideology. Surfana Festival was born. Here we’ve brought together al our love and passion into a one-weekend experience of pure goodlife.. It is a festival to celebrate our lifestyle but also to inspire more people to choose a life based on happiness instead of work.
  • Shall I bring warm clothes?

    Always a good idea! The festival is happening quite late in the Summer this year so there is a possibility of the temperature being quite chilly in the evenings. Always better off safe than sorry ;)
  • Swimming at Surfana

    Being a surf festival, not only is it possible to swim in the ocean, there are also a plethora of water based clinics and activities to get involved in, and we encourage it! Please note that the North Sea can be a cruel mistress from time to time, with currents, riptides and sometimes large waves. There will be a number of trained life guards on the beach throughout the day (not at night) but swimming is totally at your own risk and we take no responsibility if injury may befall you. Be safe, be smart, do not exceed your abilities if you're not comfortable.
  • Help! My Surfana Festival tickets are lost

    Don't worry, about a thing, every little thing, is gonna be alright. Just enter the email address you used to purchase the tickets here. Or search your mailbox for "Surfana Festival - Tickets". There they are!
  • Can I use my Surfana Festival 2020 tickets for your next event?

    Yes! Your 2020 or 2021 Surfana Festival ticket is valid for the next Surfana Festival event, which will take place 9-10-11 September 2022. If the covid measures allow it by then. We remain positive! You don't have to do anything. Just scan your 2020 or 2021 ticket when you arrive at the festival in September.
  • What is the date of Surfana Festival 2023?

    Surfana Festival 2023 will take place on the weekend of 8-9-10 September 2022 in the dunes of Bloemendaal aan Zee. If the covid measures allow it by then. We remain positive!
  • Covid protocol

    You are welcome to attend Surfana Festival, vaccinated or not. We encourage you to test yourself before you come to the festival if you have covid symptoms please stay at hime. Sadly we are not able to refund tickets for covid related reasons. If you feel sick at the festival, stay away from others and immediately test yourself. If you test positive at Surfana Festival please keeo away from others and leave immediately.

  • Getting to the festival by public transport

    GENERAL We strongly advise everyone to get to Surfana Festival by public transport as parking spaces are expensive and besides; getting to the festival by public transport is easy & green! PUBLIC TRANSPORT To the festival Take the train to either Haarlem CS or Zandvoort aan Zee and from there hop on the bus 81 for a short ride to the bus stop: “De Lakens”. Back home from the festival Take bus 81 back to the station of your choice. There are no night busses. Last bus towards Haarlem runs on week days at 00.00 and in the weekend at 00.30. Missed the bus? Take an Uber or taxi. To make things even easier, use the following OV9292 app. GET A LIFT Check or take and Uber to the festival. Another option is
  • Where is the Lost & Found?

    Surfana Campsite Info Desk is the central lost and found location.
  • I have food allergies – where can I eat?

    All our food trucks and restaurants are vegetarian and serve vegan food too. Please ask the chef at the food truck for allergy free dishes and they'll be happy to help you out!
  • When is the festival terrain open?

    Entry Times to Festival terrain: Friday: 12h00 – 00h00 Saturday: 10h00 – 00h00 Sunday: 10h00 – 00h00 Monday 09h00 – ALL CAMPERS TO BE CLEAR
  • What is the Festival/Campsite Address?

    Camping De Lakens, Zeeweg 60, 2051 EC Overveen
  • Can I take photos?

    Yes, you are allowed to take your own camera and/video camera to take some snapshots. Websites/businesses who want to take professional pictures for commercial use have to ask permission before the festival starts.
  • What are the entry times to the campsite?

    Entry Times to the campsite: Thursday 16h00 – 21h00 Friday: 08h30 – 21h00 Saturday: 08h30 – 21h00 Sunday: 08h30 – 21h00 Monday 09h00 – ALL CAMPERS TO BE CLEAR
  • When do I have to leave the campsite on Monday?

    Monday 9:00 - All camp cleared
  • Can I arrive/stay before or after the festival?

    The campsite is open to festival ticket holders from 16h00 on Thursday 7 September. All ticket holders must clear their camping spot by no later than 10h00 on Monday 11 September. If you would like to stay longer before or after you can book a camping spot with Camping De Lakens.
  • Do I need to print my tickets?

    Let's save some trees! You don't need to print your tickets. Please ensure you have downloaded your ticket to your mobile phone before arriving.
  • Where is the guest accreditation?

    Guests get sent a complimentary ticket - they will need to download this to their phone and show it at campsite reception.
  • My tent is wet – what do I do?

    Even though the rains are being celebrated across the land, a wet tent is no fun and can happen at the best festivals. Even though we’d love to help, were not able to swop out your tent but please ask your friends for a dry place until the sun is out.
  • Where is the volunteer/crew accreditation?

    Volunteers and crew receive an information mail with all the accreditation details in there
  • How many Shifts am I planned in for as a Volunteer?

    We are thankful for every helping hand at the festival. As a volunteer you are planned in for about 2 shifts a 6 hours depending on your availability and shifts that need to be covered.
  • How does the cup system work?

    In our efforts to be sustainable we ask you to buy your cup for €1.50 at the bar. Make sure to keep it safe for the whole weekend or you will have to buy a new one. We thank you for working with us in curbing the excessive use of plastic!
  • What do I get in return for working as a volunteer at the Surfana Festival?

    A weekend camping ticket and two meals per day's you are working!
  • Is there going to be a breakfast concert again and where can I book it?

    Yes! You can book it here 
  • Safety and Rules of Conduct

    • We want to create a safe space where everyone can enjoy themselves, feel included and accepted. 
    • Our festival crew are there for you should you need support or are feeling unsafe.
    • Ticket sales close on Thursday at 13h00 – Day tickets will be available throughout.
    • Be cool, respect those around you, live The Good Life.
    • Own consumption of (food and drinks) are not allowed on the festival site.
    • If someone isn’t feeling safe or well, bring them to the EHBO point.
    • Surfana is a cashless festival – Pin only!
    • Surfana is a family friendly festival, keep this in mind.
    • You may not bring cooler boxes & chairs onto the festival terrain.
    • We are serious about our sustainability, keep the festival clean and clear out your campsite.
    • There are trash and ashtrays on site, please use them and don't throw your trash and cigarettes on the floor.
    • Pets are not allowed.
    • possession and trade in soft-hard drugs is prohibited. If necessary, the police will be alerted. You can voluntarily give up your soft and/or hard drugs in the designated dispenser at the entrance.
    • Alcohol is not served under 18. In case of doubt, proof of identity will be requested.
    • Children under the age of 13 may only enter the festival site accompanied by an adult.
    • Entering the festival site is entirely at your own risk.
    • The organisation and the festival location cannot be held liable for any injury, material and immaterial damage to visitors and property. The organisation cannot be held liable for loss, damage or theft of property.
    • Instructions from the organisation or safeguards must always be followed on pain of removal.
    • The organisation always reserves the right to deny anyone access to the festival site or to remove someone.
    • It is prohibited to take (Alcoholic) drinks and food in any packaging, cans, plastic bottles, aerosols, nitrous oxide cartridges, fireworks, (fire) weapons, drugs and other dangerous objects, on pain of confiscation. If you are found, you can be handed over to the police.
    • Threats, vandalism, damage, mistreatment, intimidation, aggression, discrimination, racism and sexual harassment are prohibited – you will be removed.
    • The program is subject to change. Tickets cannot be returned if one or more acts are cancelled. An attempt will be made to offer a replacement program.
    • Photos or recordings can be made at the events for reports, website, promotional purposes, etc. By buying a ticket and entering the festival location, the visitor gives the organisation permission to use these recordings for these purposes.
    • It is prohibited to smoke in the indoor areas, except for the designated locations and/or areas.
    • The distribution of leaflets, flyers, and the sale of goods on the festival grounds and immediate vicinity is prohibited, unless written permission has been granted by the festival organisation.
    • Violation of the house rules may result in permanent removal.
    • In situations for which the house rules do not provide, the organisation/location will decide.
  • Did the minimum age for kids tickets change?

    We want to be a safe space for all ages and create a fun program for everyone. Moving the minimum age helps us with that. As we build up a whole kids program and also want all kids to roam free and have fun on site we wanted to put some extra effort in this year's kids program and the quality of it. This is only one of the reasons next to hard years with cancellations and refunds with Corona that made us move the minimum age for kids tickets from 13 to 6 years. I really hope that you can also feel this on site and when you have a look at our program. Check it out here.
  • Can I swap my Dayticket to another Day?

    It is not possible to swap the days your tickets are valid for. If you want to come at a different day we advise you to sell your day ticket with our official ticket partner ticketswap and purchase a new ticket for the day you want to come or just enjoy both days at the festival.
  • Can I get a ticket refund if I can’t make it to the Surfana Festival 2022?

    Our refund process has been open from November until December. All refunds have been issued and the refund process is closed now. If you cannot make it to this years festival you can always make someone else happy and pass on your ticket by selling it with our official ticket partner ticketswap.
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