A limited amount of camper van and parking tickets for regular vehicles will be released. This will allow you to park your vehicle on the festival camping grounds making life that much easier!

Parking Tickets €32,50

These are not to be confused with camper van tickets. Parking tickets = Regular vehicle | Camper van ticket = Campervan.

If you’re young, fit, healthy with no kids; coming to the festival alone or with limited baggage. Please consider that there are single parents with one or multiple children who would benefit from this more so than you.

To park your car at the festival you need a PARKING TICKET. This means you can bring your car into the festival camping area and park it next to your camp!

Camper Van Tickets €37,50 

Provides you with a campervan sticker that gives you the right to park your campervan on the campsite. Each person staying in a campervan needs to have a Full Weekend Ticket. There is a maximum of 4 people that can stay in one camper van. No trailers allowed.

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