at Surfana Festival 2022

This year Surfana Festival takes it to the next level when it comes to sustainability. We are aiming to go zero waste and want to power the festival with nothing else but green energy and good vibes. We work with small and big initiatives to make this change happen.

Stay green and keep it clean

We’d like you to take the next step with us to stop creating waste and choose the good life without trash. Together with SEAVENTS Responsible Event Solutions we aim for a zero waste festival. Our goal is to produce as little waste as possible and recycle as much as we can. The festival area will be single use plastic free, the decoration will be set up to last more than just one festival and still look amazing as well. But of course we also need your help! Do you want to join us in our mission to become zero waste?

Waste = Recourse

Please be mindful and sort your waste correctly so we can recover as much as possible recourses. Our waste stations are setup with two bins. 1 big bin for all cups / plates / bowls / cutlery & food scraps which we will directly transform into compost on-site. 1 Small bin for all other waste. We kindly request all visitors to not bring any waste, especially plastic, onto the festival terrain.

Wildlife adventure

The campsite that hosts the festival is surrounded by a nature reserve called the Kennemer Dunes. These dunes are home to beautiful creatures, so please stay on the paths and take your trash with you. We have foxes, European bison, wild horses, rabbits, deer and many other creatures living around the campsite so keep your food safe and clean up after yourself. If you are nice to the animals, they’ll be nice to you.


We request all smokers take care of their cigarette litter. STÜB – Pocket Ashtray’s will be available on the festival terrain. The Pocket Ashtrays can be expanded into cigarette tubes that are spread over the festival terrain. We will collect all the butts and find a destination for them afterwards.


All waste produced is compostable and will be composted on-site directly. Come have a look at the composting zone and get inspired to live a waste free life! At the end of the festival, before you leave stop past and take home some black gold to treat your plants well. We will have containers to use but make sure to bring your own containers if you want to a lot home with you!

Leave nothing but sand castles

It’s awesome that the beach is just a hop over the dunes, but whatever your intentions are on the beach, make sure you bring all waste back with you . We love our the North Sea with all our hearts and want to protect her from trash, cigarette butts and toxins.

All decoration is made from recycled materials. Mostly wood. Produced by who only use wood that would otherwise be thrown away. Finishing also provides jobs for troubled youths – check them out!


All our delicious food and drinks will be served on real plates or biodegradable disposables. So the whole festival will be plastic free. And we would like you to help us in not bringing any (single use) plastic disposables to the festival . There is a big variety of vegan and vegetarian food and the meat is sourced sustainable.

Super awesome sustainable clinics

We offer a wide range of clinics and some of them are specifically oriented to sustainability. You can find a list of our clinics HERE . So green up your festival and join us!


Expedition to Planet B: Stoelendans, maar dan anders by Waag Futurelab

What if we could redesign our planet? In their four-year project Expeditie naar Planet B, Waag Futurelab explores how we can make the future open, fair and inclusive by looking at our systems in a new way. This year we look at our economic systems: what if we completely redesigned our economic system – which is now centered on capitalist profit – and center it around community and nature? Do you want to change the rules of the game? 

Channel your inner Soul Surfer and dance a very special edition of De Stoelendans with us, designed by artist Arne Hendriks. Through music, spoken word, talks and dancing you can experience how we can deal with value, scarcity and abundance. At our ‘We don’t give a shirt’ screen print stand, you can update your outfit with a dash of activism: do you dare to speak out and print your clothes with something new?  

Host: Elten Kiene
Note: the talks will be in Dutch.

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