Surfana festival 6-7-8 September 2024

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Join us on another journey...

… to the Special 10th edition of Surfana Festival. Once a year Surfana Festival takes place in the Dutch national park or the Kennemer dunes. Surf minded people from all around the world come together to feel a unique blend of music, workshops, food, arts and love.

A weekend with bands from all over the world, surf focused, an array of workshops – films, art, good food and camp vibes are enjoyed in beautiful nature surroundings. What we love most, we’ve put together into a mind blowing experience for all to enjoy. It’s a festival to celebrate our lifestyle but also to inspire more people to choose a life based on happiness.

September 6 – 7 – 8, 2024
Bloemendaal aan Zee

Tickets on sale now Get your ticket
Tickets on sale now Get your ticket


  • Ticket Information

    Weekend Tickets:

    Weekend ticket tiers:

    Dawn Patrol, Low Tide, High Tide, Sunset SessionWeekend tickets give a person access to all days and nights of the festival + access to the campsite. This ticket includes a spot to pitch your tent (with a maximum of 3,5m2 per person). Your Weekend Ticket price includes compulsory Tourist Tax Levied per night. There are limited tickets available per tier, sold on a first-come-first-served basis. We don't accept more than one tent per weekend ticket. Meaning that you can't bring two tents for yourself. We encourage safe & consensual sharing.

    Campervan Tickets

    A Campervan ticket is only valid for the vehicle, not for any persons. A Campervan Ticket does not give a person festival access - you will need to buy a festival ticket for each person in your van in addition to your van ticket.  A Campervan is described as a self-driving vehicle that includes at least 1 bed, this excludes:
    •  any vehicle that needs to be towed by another vehicle.
    • all caravans.
    •  all standard vehicles with no camping modifications.A pop-up roof tent is acceptable, but this must be attached to the vehicle.
    Your campervan ticket does not include access to power or water. Campervans may house a maximum of 6 persons, and all individuals are required to have a full weekend ticket.

    Accommodation Options

    A weekend ticket excludes campervan or other accommodation options. You can either buy a campervan ticket on top of your weekend ticket or sleep with someone who has one if you have a weekend ticket. You can also book accommodation with our partners which will be advertised in due course and directly with Camping De Lakens.

    Kids Tickets:

    All kids must be accompanied by an adult of +18 y.o who holds a valid festival ticket. Kids, up until 5 years old, can join for free and do not require a festival ticket.Kids, between 6 - 17 years old that are going to sleep over need a kids weekend ticket and need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Everyone from the age of 18 needs a regular festival ticket. If you are 100 Y.O or more, your ticket is on us. The campsite area will be accessible from Thursday 16:00 until Monday 10:00. The festival area will be accessible from Friday until Sunday.

    All tickets are excluding parking.

    The Festival site does not offer parking, there are many parking areas nearby, the festival will publish a list in advance during our information campaign.  More detailed information about the tickets and festival can be found on our website.We aim to leave the campsite in a better state than we found it. Do your bit, and pick up your shit.. Refuse bags are readily available from our lovely on-site team, or at the festival check in.


    Camping de Lakens Zeeweg 60 2051 EC Bloemendaal aan Zee

    View our Terms & Conditions HERE

  • Workshops

    • Workshop Program at Surfana Festival: At Surfana Festival we offer a wide range of workshops and activities for everyone to play, explore, grow and learn. You can check out our workshop programme here!
    • Are the workshops included in the tickets? We offer a number of free workshops on a walk-in basis, so no need to register. However most workshops require a fee, these can be booked in advance through the booking website to secure your spot. Our booking system isn't available yet, but will go online in June!
    • How can I book the workshops? You can easily book workshops online through our website. As workshops tend to be in high demand, we strongly recommend reserving your preferred workshops in advance to secure your spot.
    • What do I need to bring for a workshop? Rest assured that all the materials required for the workshops will be provided. Nevertheless, if you tend to feel the cold easily, we highly recommend dressing appropriately and bringing an extra blanket, especially for the relaxing workshops. Your comfort and enjoyment during the event are our top priority, and we want to ensure you have a pleasant experience throughout.
  • When do I receive my tickets? (Sealed tickets/delayed download)

    What is Delayed Download?

    Delayed Download is a function wherein tickets are not available for immediate download. Also called: "sealed tickets". Delayed download is designed to prevent fraud and unfair reselling. (More information)

    Where can I download my sealed tickets?

    Only shortly before the event starts, tickets will be made available for download. When they actually become available can be found on the order status page.

    Where can I find the order status page?

    You reach the order status page by going to your order confirmation e-mail and clicking the ‘Download tickets’ button.

    Can I resell my sealed tickets?

    Yes, it is possible to resell your sealed tickets via Ticketswap

    Step 1

    go to the order status page of your order. You can reach it by opening the confirmation email of your ordered tickets and clicking the ‘Download tickets’-link.

    Step 2

    scroll down until you come across the ‘Can’t attend anymore?’ box. Here, you can click" Sell on TicketSwap" and you will be automatically redirected to TicketSwap.
  • Can I get a refund, change or resell my ticket?

    We do not refund, upgrade or change any festival tickets. You can always make someone else happy and pass on your ticket by selling it via our official partner ticketswap.
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  • Why have tickets increased this year?

    Tickets have marginally increased in price this year. Inflation is a difficult thing and we do what we can to limit the impact this has on your pocket. We’ve worked hard to re-align the pricing to make the festival as affordable as possible, while still making it feasible to produce. This year, weekend tickets include the increased compulsory tourist tax, which, charged per night, totals €11.55 per weekend ticket. The increase in ticket prices is attributed to these additional expenses, as well as to the increased costs we incur from our suppliers and partners to bring you the best festival we can.
  • Why can I only purchase a certain number of tickets per order?

    We’ve noticed an increase in the volume of tickets available for sale in 3rd party re-sellers and we want to make sure that those who really want to come to the festival are the ones buying tickets, and people are not taking advantage of our community. If you have a legitimate reason to want to purchase a larger number of tickets please get in touch with us.
  • Sharing is Caring community campaign

    What is a Weekend / Pay It Forward ticket?

    This is your weekend ticket + and an additional €75 donation into a ticket pool for those who can't afford to pay the full price. This promotion is part of our Sharing is Caring community campaign.

    Will I be informed about the recipient of my donation? 

    Your contribution goes into a pool to support those who may be unable to afford a ticket, aligning with our commitment to inclusivity in our community vision.

    Can I contribute an amount lower than €75?

    We plan to enhance this campaign throughout the summer, so stay tuned to our social media channels for updates on additional donation options.

    Can I buy more than one group ticket?

    Absolutely! If you've got a squad that size, then hell yes.

    The family ticket covers two kids, but what if I have three kids? 

    Not to worry! Since kids' tickets are free in this offer, simply purchase an additional kids' ticket for the third child.

    How can I receive a pay it forward ticket? 

    To receive a pay it forward ticket, you can send motivation via mail to We will put your name in a lottery and you will be chosen at random

  • Can I volunteer this year?

    Absolutely! We welcome volunteers as an important part of our close knit community. Sign up at the form on this webpage. In return for your helping hands and support you will get a full weekend ticket, a camping spot to set up your tent and delicious food during the shifts you will be working. We ask that you work 2 shifts of 6 to 8 hours. If you sign up for the Build-up or the Breakdown we ask that you at least work 2 days.
  • Help! My Surfana Festival tickets are lost

    Don't worry, about a thing, every little thing, is gonna be alright. Just enter the email address you used to purchase the tickets here. Or search your mailbox for "Surfana Festival - Tickets". If you still can’t find the ticket contact stager support via
  • When can I set up my camp, and when do I have to leave?

    You will have access to the campsite from 4pm on Thursday 5 Sept and must leave (no trace) by 10am on Monday 9 Sept.
  • Does a campervan ticket include festival access?

    A campervan ticket does not include festival access for humans. It is for the vehicle only. You will need a separate festival weekend ticket for each person in the camper van. You can share your campervan with up to 6 people. The campervan ticket covers the designated space in the campsite for you and the guests accompanying the campervan.
  • Can I bring my dog or any other pets?

    Unfortunately, the camping has a strict policy which doesn’t allow dogs or other pets.
  • When will you announce the day programme?

    In the summer! We still have more music artists to announce before then :) Keep an eye on our website and stay glued to our socials.
  • My question is still not answered how can I get in touch with someone in the festival organization?

    Sorry to hear that! You can fill in  the contact form on this website page to get in touch with us.
  • When will day tickets be available?

    The date for day tickets will be announced within the next few months. Keep an eye on our Instagram for updates.

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