A core aspect of our sustainability vision is comprehending our footprint on the environment, especially as Surfana Festival takes place in the breathtaking Kennemerduinen National Park.

Guided by Wesley and Joeri, rangers dedicated to preserving the Kennemerduinen, our festival team experienced an eye-opening field trip. We learned about the delicate nature and vital role of the Dunes—our first natural protection along the Dutch coastline and the home of exquisite wildlife. To protect these creatures and their homes, we stress staying on paths. For adventurous spirits, designated ‘playgrounds’ within the Dunes offer exploration opportunities. Veer off paths only in these areas, and explore thoughtfully. Check out a map of the Kennemerdunes.

But why is this all necessary? Well, over the years, the Dunes have evolved to play a critical role in the transition from sea to land. Serving as our initial barrier against the sea, they’ve developed over decades. They also provide a haven for up to 70% of Dutch biodiversity, making them an essential part of our ecosystem! Learn more about it in this video.

?Did you know that some of the species living here are so specialised that they cannot live or thrive anywhere else. Like the Tapuit, a bird that makes its home in abandoned rabbit holes, and the Duinparelmoervlinder, a butterfly species thriving in calcium rich, open sand spots only to be found in the dunes. 


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