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Experience ancient Aboriginal healing, Tibetan healing and Reiki. Feel how you shift from tension, stress and fatigue to inner peace, deep confidence, health and happiness. Energy healing activates the body’s energy systems by removing blockages. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated. But even if you already feel good, it is always possible to find more inner peace. Want to know more? Check out my website www.healingworks.nl

An energy healing helps you to:

  1. Experience deep relaxation and inner peace
  2. Let worries, thoughts and stress disappear
  3. Release stuck emotions
  4. Reduce or resolve tension and / or pain in the body
  5. Process memories from the past
  6. Disconnect memories from the emotion
  7. Gain insight into (and solve) patterns
  8. Gain insight into how to live a happier and healthier life

How does it work?
I warmly welcome you and will ask you to share some information on what it is that I can help you with (emotional and/or physical). Then I invite you to lay down on the massage table. You remain fully clothed. I make sure you are comfortable and warm and I invite you to relax. You close your eyes and allow yourself to feel. There is no need to believe in anything. Just be open and curious to the experience. With great joy I will help you on your way to feeling freedom, happiness and inner peace.

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