Put down your phone and pick up a friend! AcroYoga is a perfect fusion of acrobatics, yoga and therapeutics, in other words it’s an acrobatic practice carried out with yogic intension.

During this workshop we will indulge in all the beauty and playfulness that AcroYoga has to offer. From partner yoga, to healing flying therapeutics and from active acrobatics to relaxing Thai massage. AcroYoga will lift your spirits by combining self-love, partner work, strength, flexibility, healing, balance, trust and and incredible amount of fun!

New to AcroYoga? No worries! This workshop is for the old and the young, the strong and the weak, the flexible and the stiff: Our professional, wonderful and passionate teachers will guide you though all the mind-blowing positions with a lot of love and attention.

Don’t forget to bring your own blanket or mat and LET’S PLAY!

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