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Anthea den Hollander is a photographer who wants to use her work to create awareness about what is happening in the world. Hoping to start a conversation that could lead to change. A photographer who highlights the relationship between people, as well as their relationship with the planet and all its other inhabitants.

“It was 2018 when I was working as a photographer for a surf camp in France. The boss’s request was to only shoot “beautiful women in bikinis” because this would “sell better”. I was shocked when I heard this and started to notice more and more how distorted the image of the female surfer was. I got motivated to change something and started portraying female surfers as they really are, beautiful, strong, soft and real. Women of all shapes, body types and ages. Passionate about the same, all happy in the water. Ask them to wear what they always wear when they go surfing, not what looks sexier. Let them know they shouldn’t pose, just be who they are. Learn what surfing means to them.”

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