Beach & Sea Journey – Kids Workshop

Would you like to join us on an enchanting voyage to the seaside?

In this engaging workshop, we will embark on a collective mindfulness journey through a captivating story set by the sea. Through yoga-inspired movements, we will embody the the beach, the marvellous sea creatures, and even practice surf-inspired motions.

Additionally, we will craft our very own “happy shell” that you can carry with you, serving as a delightful reminder of joy. This shell can be cherished during moments when you seek happiness or gifted to someone who may be in need of a little cheer.

Together, we will actively listen, move our bodies, create a symbol of happiness, and revel in the joy of dance.

(For all children who adore movement and have a fondness for the beach – preferably aged 4 years and above, but no restrictions apply)

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