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…takes festival and event coffee catering to the next level! Funky coffees from our own roastery from a fully electric Citroën HY coffee bar.

We roast hand-picked, single origin specialty coffees fresh weekly in our micro roastery. On location, we only work with the best coffee equipment. High quality at high speed is our motto. Flavor is our number one priority. You will encounter special flavors in both our coffee and our sweets. We love funky!

In addition, we strive for the most sustainable working method possible. We do this, among other things, by driving electrically and by using our own solar panels. We only work with organic and local seasonal products, as much as possible from our own vegetable garden! We also have fully reusable coffee packaging, our disposables are bio-based and compostable, and we ensure that we can separate our waste completely.

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