Breathwork Session: Surfing the inner waves

Breathing is just like surfing. You don’t always know what’s coming, but you can’t escape. You can learn to ride the waves just as you can learn to ride your emotions and all the sensations in your body and mind.

Conscious breath is about controlling the way you deal with whatever comes your way. It helps us to become aware of ourselves, our patterns. To release the tension that stores in the body during your life and to let go of whatever needs to get out of your system.

Welcome yourself into the energy of the circle. Thoughts, emotions, feelings, physical sensations. The invitation is to breathe into it and to allow yourself to feel it.

It don’t have to look great, and it’s okay to fall. To feel it, is to heal it.

Safety is our foundation. We will take care of a safe space where we guide you, be there for you and your needs in the moment. We will do some intuitive bodywork and massage to help you breathe deeper or to help you release.

This breathing session we will take a trip through your body and soul; Your body is your laboratory to practice different ways of breathing and experience the way it influences your state of being. We will do some minimal breathing and a lot of maximal breathing and everything in between.

We will talk a little bit about ways you can control your breath, not only during the session but also in day to day life. A true simple hack into your state. What can you do to calm your system? It’s easier than you think!

Join us to experience the depths of your soul and the magic of breathing together.


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