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Recess emerged from a compound of conversations between stories from my past, contemporary everyday habits, and psychological and philosophical research aiming towards understanding certain spaces and — atmospheres we feel close to, and are inclined to call home. The starting point is personal but draws on connections to the way these spaces are impregnated in our collective memory.

At times we tend to recall those atmospheres, forming a membrane around our beings that
embraces us, and takes us under its protection. The re-envisioning of those intimate spaces happens in
the mind — in a “third space”. The first space being the ‘conscious’ space, the second being the
‘unconscious’ and the third being the ‘subconscious’ space, the ephemeral state in-between. Since this space unfolds in a moment of little awareness, it’s an elusive playground and field of research for this project.

I investigate the materialization of this ethereal journey through the human mind in a way
that emphasizes and appeals to thoughts that are driven by our memories and imagination and interwoven with our reality. Allowing us to cuddle with space. As we grow up, we are constantly being released from our environments. It all starts when we leave the body or our mothers to which we were clinging onto the safest area. Physically we start “growing away” from all the small nooks and corners supporting our understanding of the world, although mentally, this feeling is something we never fully abandon.


‘Recess’ was born out of research on childhood spatial memories, and our subconscious connection to those as adults. It is an invitation into a meditative natural space through a woolen entrance—into a woolen womb. This little space can host and cradle one’s body, so the visitor can enjoy a very close, soft atmosphere and become one with themselves. A nest, for nesting intimate thoughts and import those back into reality.
We will weave little bags from wool, the same way the installation was made – so everyone makes a tiny version of the installation, but it’s going to be a bag in which you can ‘fill your identity’.


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