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Feeling good and being fit starts with eating the right foods.
Eager to find out what food works for your body?

Holistic dietician Maaike Soetermans tells you the ins and outs about your constitution – your unique body composition – and which food and lifestyle matches that. In a 1 hour lecture, you’ll get to understand how & why this ancient Ayurvedic system can be of practical use for you today.

Wanna get private with Maaike? You can also do a one-on-one 20 minute session – alone, with your partner or friend – to get more in depth about your personal, specific questions.

Maaike is specialized in (inflammatory) diseases and conditions, like; PDS/IBS, digestive and intestinal disorders, gut microbiome, food allergies/intolerance, acné, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, arthrosis. She focuses on working with sports and athletes, supporting joints and muscle tissue. Last but not least, she can give advice on the use of CBD oil.

Get inspired and find out how living and eating according to your unique constitution, is an easy way to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle!

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