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Need a refresh for body, mind, soul?

Smooth out all the folds and feel comfortable in your skin again?
Fancy an extensive autumn cleaning?

Then come to the Energy Wash during Surfana.
Our team is ready for you with various washing programs to freshen up your energy and / or to clean it from unnecessary ballast, so that your energy can flow wonderfully again.

We have the following washing programs:
– Washing short program: 15-20 minutes tarot reading. While laying the cards you gain insight into questions about yourself, work, love, etc.
Washing 30 degrees *: 30-minute massage with a choice of:
Singing bowl massage
Relaxation massage
Foot reflex
Polarity massage **
Chakra foot reflex zone massage
– Cooking wax *: extensive 60-minute massage choice from relaxation polarity massage.

* Based on available masseur
** Polarity treatment is an energetic treatment for the entire body aimed at the stimulation of the life energy, chi / qi, that flows through the meridians.
During the treatment, during which you can keep your clothes on, we focus on the 12 main meridians and we detect blockages that cause imbalance in the body. By polarizing the meridians one by one, the blockages are removed and we encourage chi to flow through the body. Result: your body and mind are completely relaxed, you feel free and alive. Your entire system has received a wonderful boost.

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