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What if you don’t manage to get that dream job, ever? Or will never find The One? And don’t get started on the pressure of buying real estate when our predecessors messed up our gravy train, or of society and our insta friends telling us to look #fit. Burnt out during your first job? You sure as hell can be marked as loser… Failing or quitting just does not exist in our millennial vocabulary. But don’t we learn most when we fail and dust ourselves off to try again?

Life is too short to live up to the ridiculous expectations of the ones around us. Because eventually who has to deal with the consequences of your choices? Own your life and just F*ck it! During this show you become a participant of our interactive game show where we will challenge you to face your insecurities, while training you to be compassionate to yourself in the name of happiness. From #FML to #highonlife, from FOMO to who cares?! Come and trade your bucket list for a f*ck it list, battle your way up with your f*ck up stories and party like you don’t give a f*ck!

Hosted with love by Wing Yan Man (3310 – School for Millennials) & Daan Klever (Millennial Journeys)

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