Happy Yoga – for beginners

I’m not flexible enough for yoga..

Is this a sentence you have heard yourself say? Then you are very much invited to come to this yoga class – just to find that yoga is for everyone – including you!

If you have never tried yoga before, this is a good class to get an idea of what yoga is, and to learn the basics to make you feel more comfortable in the future. If you have practiced yoga before, this class is perfect to learn more about your poses and how to use your body and mind better.

You will experience that yoga can be fun, light, and helpful for all types of people – no matter your flexibility or shape.

About Aafke:

As an ICU nurse she has gained a broad knowledge of the human body, and many years of yoga teaching experience by teaching health care professionals with her company Innerboost. “Yoga seems to be more and more focused on experienced yogi’s. My goal is to change this and make yoga accessible for everyone. I love to give everyone an unforgettable (first) happy yoga experience – an experience which shows that yoga is not about being flexible and silent.”

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