Levend Stratego / Capture the Flag

Levend Stratego / Capture the Flag

This adventurous, blood-curdling and tactical game has been twisted into a surf edition, especially for the Surfana festival!

For this game, you will walk to the park nearby, which will be your playground. Here, you will receive a strategic game explanation from our supervisor and the group will be divided into two camps. Both camps will hide the flag in their own territory. The flag must be partially visible, and must remain in the same place throughout the game. The object of the game is to steal the opposing teams flag and bring it to your own camp.

But this is of course not just allowed by the opponent! Everyone has their own surf-rank, that surf-rank depends on the card you received from the supervisor. With this you can make sure that you defend your own flag, or use the attack to capture the opponent’s flag…

If a player taps a player from the opposing team along the way, they must both show each other’s rank. The highest and strongest wins and gets the loser’s card. He has to go back to his camp for a new ticket…

Make sure you hide the flag well!

Note: It is recommended to wear closed shoes for this clinic

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