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In Indonesia, the kitchen is the beating, loving heart of every home. You don’t just cook to eat – with good food you can celebrate and comfort, heat and connect. It brings people together. Just like Mister Makan’s food truck. With their Indonesian specialties, from the juiciest satay to lick your fingers, they bring a touch of tropical warmth to Surfana. Adoe, so good yeah!

With the very best organic ingredients, our home-made grills and the family recipes from nenek (read: grandma) in mind, we conjure up the tastiest things from our food truck at any location. Mister Makans cooks traveled through Indonesia for months to gain culinary inspiration and taste piles of saté. Once at home, with the flavors, scents and colors of Indonesia fresh in her memory, she developed Mister Makans, now a much-loved saté: marinated for hours according to a secret recipe and then grilled to perfection – you must have tasted it once!

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