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Awakening Vinyasa yoga workshop to kick off Surfana Festival! (Friday)
Opening meditation, setting intentions, flowing together through movement, yoga, dance, love and fun. Be together in truth.

Vinyasa Yoga: The five elements of our being (Saturday & Sunday)
Embody the elements of nature through a beautiful energizing Vinyasa flow yoga workshop. A subtle movement through different asana’s (poses), combining movements with our breath and Prana (energy) to release & let go, find focus and build up strength. We flow with our heart and connect with our natural being. Find your rooting through the element earth, connect with the flow of water and air, feel the inner fire and move through space. Yolentha is a professional Vinyasa Yoga teacher with a love for nature, people and the universe. Looking forward to share her energy with you, to guide you to feel, connect and let go.

Pilates workshop: Integrating core-work for surfers (Friday & Saturday)
Pilates is a beautiful way to strengthen & stabilize our core: back, belly and pelvis floor. Strengthen and lengthen our body muscles integrated through movements. This workshop is made for surfers and focusing on moving by breath that will help you to use your core and find more stability when surfing those waves.
Yolentha is a professional Pilates teacher with a love for the ocean, the beach and people with their individual beautiful body. Looking forward to share her energy with you, to help you to explore and connect with your body and core. / Instagram / Facebook

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