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Akula Rhythm Band takes you on a trip to the sacred mask dances and voodoo ceremonies of West Africa. With themes that draw on traditional folklore and deep philosophy, Akula Rhythm Band has a raw and heavy groovin’ sound that sets itself apart from the much lighter and high-spirited highlife & afrobeat.

Undoubtedly, The Akula Rhythm Band’s gonna make you shake your hips and dance on hypnotic rhythms, echo-drenched guitars, fuzz organs and enchanting melodies deeply rooted in 1970s Africa.

Akula Rhythm Band is: Luka van de Poel (DeWolff), Joep Bollinger (Faut Haut), Thijs Elzinga (Breaking Levees), Niek Cival (The Grand East), Marnix Wilmink (45Acid Babies) and is accompanied by the French-Somali singer and organist Théo François.


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