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Bull are a Four piece Alternative Rock band from York, England. The idiosyncratic four-piece invoke the spirit of indie-rock royalty while retaining a wild, unpredictable energy all of their own.

When the Yorkshire-men step up on stage there’s an enthusiastic air in the room. The band recently featured at Zwemfest Festival capturing many with an energetic show. The four gentlemen are completely comfortable in the spotlight and know how to put on a dynamic performance. Frontman Dan Lucas is, to say the very least, an eccentric figure, who manages to keep the audience’s attention with many shifts in tempo and mood changes.

There’s never a dull moment with the band maintaining the pace and a high level of energy. The compositions consist of a solid drum and bass line about which Lucas enthusiastically sings cryptic lyrics. His acoustic guitar fills the voids in a disharmonious and messy way, which, surprisingly enough, sounds amazing!


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